24 February News from Europe-Bet !

Top-up your Europebet.com account using MasterCard card through Liberty Bank payment system !

05 November 2013 News from Fortuna !

You can now withdraw cash from your Crystalbet account by using your eID (electronic identity card)  or PAY card at Liberty Bank’s more than 300 ATMs.

28 October 2013 New Service Parimatch

You can cash the money won at Parimatch (www.parimatch.com) with your Fortuna card at more than 250 Liberty Bank branch offices and service centers.

What is Fortuna?

Fortuna is a service jointly offered by Liberty Bank and eMoney to georgian residents as well as non-resident individuals. The Fortuna account may be opened free of charge by visiting any branch of Liberty Bank.

What is a Fortuna cart?

When getting your Fortuna card, a Fortuna cart will be automatically opened for you, where all online totalizators and casinos operating in Georgia have been already placed.

How do I open a Fortuna account and order a Fortuna card?

You can apply online or at any branch of Liberty Bank. We will prepare the Fortuna account and Fortuna Card for you. You will be able to be verified according to the banking procedures and pick up your card at the convenient Liberty Bank branch.

What to do if I lost my Fortuna card?

If you have lost your Fortuna card, please contact immediately Liberty Bank's 24-hour call center at +995 32 255 55 00, or visit any Liberty Bank Branch.

How do I top up my Fortuna account balance?

Topping up your Fortuna account balance is easy and can be done online from your Visa or MasterCard, eMoney digital wallet, another PAY card or by visiting any of the Liberty Bank branches or through thousands of self-service cash terminals throughout Georgia.